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MY STORY And Vision/Philosophy

Welcome to my world, Peter’s World, my name is Peter. Check out my YouTube chanmel: Peter’s world of Advice, type that in YouTube search (comes up first). Welcome to exploring new things in the business world you may have never experienced before. I was born in UK and now travel between China and Greece and I’ve been an English teacher also. I am very passionate about having a laptop lifestyle and working from home where there is no location you are tied to. I think the goal for everyone is to eventually become time free, financially free and location free, for some that is attainable for others seen as impossible. I want to teach the world to be able to do the same like I did and achieve new things and reach new levels.

Marketing Services

The areas I am really passionate about and I can teach you OR provide marketing services to you are mainly creating automated blogs like these here in affiliate marketing, finding good affiliate offers to promote and social media marketing.In addition e-commerce (but I have a long running background in this last area) but less on that, I have made lot of money from that but I’m not so passionate about that as it does not provide a FULL passive income, where you can fully sleep at night and be making money. UNLESS you outsource the work in the long run to others for the ads and order fulfillment, customer support. I can teach you how to do this also (providing you have some capital to invest). And how to even buy and sell real successful Shopify stores that are running and are ready businesses, with ads made, marketing ready with social media subscribers and how you can buy them from as little as little as starting from 1000 dollars and up. Also how you can buy ones making huge revenues at higher asking prices and where to sell ALL these stores after too.

Skillsets Available

e-commerce, Affiliate marketing, social media marketing, content creation, teaching English jobs abroad, create teaching courses online, teach English, social media growth, blog creation, monetise blogs, automate blogs, freelance jobs, work from home.

Consultation Services

I primarily and my team very good at giving advice on any business that you have and guiding you how to grow that business using the right principles and connecting you to the right people and methods. After having the right principles there are hundreds of strategies you can use to make money. I can even advice you on how to find freelance work in most job categories and how to actually go to work abroad in Asia and China for teaching and any other country your interested in.In future I will be adding also my very local travels that I’ve made in the world from a real local perspective going there with friends who are from that country, meeting local friends to see it from a very local view point, not as a tourist from all across Europe, Asia and other parts of the world.

To book a free short consulation appointment with me to understand your goals and needs and to get to know each other in general, click on the Calendly calendar dates below and click on the available time slots to book a short call with me OR message me directly on social media on Facebook messenger/WhatsApp using the message App on the bottom right hand corner of any page. Hope I can make your dreams come true, looking forward to helping you reach your goals, whatever those may be. To your success! :))

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