Learn English with Peter

“How To Become A Better English Speaker in just over a month”


  • The goals you need to have to get the best results
  • If you are Chinese learn from me who understands the needs of Chinese people more than any other.
  • How to become fluent in English very quickly using simple techniques
  • What you need to do to have perfect pronunciation
  • The 3 biggest mistakes you need to avoid that most make
  • Which free resources will help you learn English
  • The best resource to use to improve your SPEAKING
  • Free various original English learning downloads I can provide you with
  • Simple practice hack that will speed up your English learning and accent in a month!

I am an actual English ESL teacher in China, so I am helping people learn English for ALL AGES both privately and in schools, and I am doing it in a country where English is very difficult to grasp as it it is very different to languages in the Western Culture, containing both tones and symbols.

TO BOOK A CONSULTATION with me go to the About Me page and a book a short zoom call with me. Once I see your requirements I can then design a course for you specific to your needs and you can have a first seminar for free, at which point after this stage we can start to have actual seminar sessions and private coaching together.

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